Meet Kinky Swell

Just come and meet Kinky Swell’s unique breakfast, lunch menu or just for coffee. Kinky Swell is just essential for the Perth locals  – An adventure in meticulously crafted, locally sourced dishes coupled with artisan espresso from a long-experienced barista.

Kinky Swell’s offering is simple: uncomplicated seasonal fare presented in a light-filled, contemporary space. Join the morning rush or swing by later for a cheeky bite.

Kinky Swell’s Coffee Bean

Kinky Swell is proud to introduce our amazing custom blend coffee bean from Crema Coffee Co. A complex blend of 5 origins, the coffee bean brings coffee lovers a rich flavor of almonds, caramel, malt and a long cocoa finish. We insist offering the fresh coffee bean to our beloved customers, therefore, the coffee bean is roasted and delivered weekly. With the stunning coffee beans and the magical skill of our baristas, our coffee is a must-try in town.

  • Allday
  • Drinks
Seasonal Special
chia rice cake

Open daily from 6am – 3pm (Mon – Sat) / 7am – 2pm (Sun & Public Holiday)

Drop by for a coffee or bite to eat,
for larger groups call ahead to
make a reservation.

166 Brighton Rd. Scarborough WA 6019

Phone: (08) 9245 2873